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Thank you to Freya , Gwynne , & River, for testing/previews and especially Trixi for help with figuring out custom hair and helping with the highlights!

This shaved short hair is for all female tall races, Goes on 140 for Hyur (Mid and High), Au Ra, Miqo (Earless and Vanilla), Elezen and Roe. It goes on 9 for Viera. They can be changed upon import!


  • My first custom hair! This means custom textures and the like!
  • Has Highlights, but feel free to make your own!
  • No Hat Compatibility. Sorry ):
  • There's gonna be some small clipping on Au Ra Face 3 and 4 near the horns. I designed it around Face 02 horns again.
  • The half shaved look shows the back of the head so some vanilla heads like Highlander and Roe might show some wonkiness texture and mesh wise. This is not the hair, it's a mistake with the head on SE's side. EDIT: Trixi was kind enough to take a look at Highlander Face 01 and make a fix for the weird texture in the back and let me share it with you all. Thank you Trixi!!

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