Frequently Asked Questions

Order Related

? Help! I bought something and I'm having issues downloading!
  • If the issue is just that it's taking forever to load after initial checkout, please go ahead and check your email to see if you've received it, as it often lands in your inbox faster.
  • If after 10-20 minutes you have not received either, please contact me ASAP so I can send over the files. Please send over your order # when you do!
? I've exceeded the max # of downloads! What gives?
  • Because it is a digital item I can only allow so many downloads on one purchase of an item
  • However! if you exceeded the max due to a issue with Windows Firewall or the like, please contact me so I can help you resolve the issue! Please have your order # available for me when you do.
? Is there alternative payment methods for your work?
  • Absolutely! Shopify is one of the three platforms that I use for my work.
  • For a VAT-free shop, check out my Ko-fi.
  • If you are looking for another method of payment, please come contact me and I can sort something out with you!
? You've updated an item! How do I access that?
  • Items that are purchased through this store will be have updates sent through email. If you've lost the email: please contact me!
  • For Ko-fi: Click here
  • For Gumroad: Click here
  • If the links for Gumroad or Ko-fi do not work, please sign up for an account on the platform you bought the item on using the email you used to buy the product. It should then show up in your libary/bought products.

Work Related

☆ What are your permissions?

You can find my permissions (alongside my Terms of Service) here!

☆ What bodies/races do you work with?
  • Overall I have a focus on Female Talls (all fem except Lalafell currently) and for hair I will also tend to do Male Viera.
  • I mainly tend to work with the Bibo+ framework. All my textures and gear will work around that unless specified
  • When it comes to specific Bibo+ bodies I currently focus on Yet Another Body (YAB) & Rue+. Depending on if people are willing to help me with porting I may also have Lithe & Bimbo as well.
  • When it comes to TBSE bodies I tend to focus on TBSE, with people helping me to port to TBSE-X
☆ Will you port to..?

Once an item is released, I tend not to go back to port to other races/bodies as that takes time away from being able to focus on what's to come. If you'd like it for a specific body, please read up on my Porting/Editing Permissions as I am ok with people doing it themselves or asking someone else to. If you need help, please ask for help in the Mystic Mods Discord Server.

☆ Will you make [Name of Hair] hat compatible?
  • The short answer is if the hair is not using a SN mesh then no most likely not.
  • The long answer is no because of how hat compatability works. Hat compatibility requires the use of Shapekeys or Morphers which make it so when x condition is met (aka when a hat is visible on your character's head) the mesh takes on y shape. This also makes it so that when you import it into the game it's like a second hidden mesh, doubling the amount of vertices (the lil dots keeping everything glued together). The game has a limit on the amount of little dots a mesh can have, and unfortunately most hair tends to be a higher poly by nature (meaning it has more of those little dots on the mesh) to make it look less crunchy. Because of this, doing hat compatibility, unless you plan ahead for it, is practically impossible.
  • In addition, to do hat compatibility properly you have to understand that one hair usually equals to 7 different unique meshes for me (excluding Earless Miqo and any other unique meshes I make for that hair), as you have to shape the mesh to the head of every single race/gender you wish to do (I have to shape Fem Viera differently from Male Viera for example). This also means that for every single mesh I shaped, I have to then go in and make a hat compatible version. So from a time and wrist health standpoint, I tend to find it not worth it.
  • If you'd like to make a hair hat compatible, I'm more than happy to help you out in the Mystic Mods Discord Server!
☆ Why do some of your hairs come with highlights and some don't?
  • The short answer is that the ones with highlights are the ones I could gauge a good idea on where the highlights went and that made sense (usually because they are custom made).
  • The longer answer is that on top of that I tend to find that people will have different requirements on what they want in terms of highlights,and I can't really read people's minds so I would prefer to offer the multi with a blank alpha channel for people to play with!
  • If you want to make highlights but don't know how, I'm more than happy to help you out in the Mystic Mods Discord Server!
☆ What programs do you use?
  • Overall: Photoshop, 3DS Max, Blender
  • For Textures: Substance Painter
  • For Custom Hair: Fiber Shop & Blender/Maya
  • For Custom Clothes: Marvelous Designer
☆ Are you open to commissions?

You can always check the status of my commissions here!

☆ I'm having issues with Manual Installation on your textures. Help!
  • With my scales, please make sure you install the diffuse, normal, and multi correctly. They are all done in the same fashion but need to be installed in different paths (_d, _n, and _m respectively).
  • Make sure that if using Penumbra, that you have the right priorities. You want to set it to a higher priority than Bibo+ or other body textures.
  • I have found rarely that sometimes when you use Palette+'s muscle adjustment that it messes with the normals in a really odd way. Check that out first.

More questions? Contact me here!


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