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Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat

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 Thank you to Illy and Tsar for the Bibo+ textures & body, Mads for initially commissioning me for these markings, and Lex, Gwynne, Lilith, River & Freya for helping with previews!

REQUIRES BIBO+ OR TBSE TO WORK DEPENDING ON VERSION. You may get it here (Bibo+) or here (TBSE).

Notes for Bibo+:

  • Three colorways based on vanilla: Seekers, Keepers - White and Keepers - Blue
  • Options for Top only, Bottom only, or Both
  • Comes with a Mat A version for Vanilla/Gen2 compatibility.

Notes for TBSE:

  • Four colorways: Black, Face mark matching, Keeper - White, Keeper - Blue
  • Options include: Top /w Chest, Top /w no chest, Chest only, Bottom Only, Top & Bottom /w no chest, All
  • Male Viera compatible
  • Comes with a Mat A version for Vanilla/Gen2 compatibility. The end of the top shoulder stripe on Mat A is a bit wonky due to TBSE and Vanilla not matching quite as nicely. I tried to fix it to the best of my ability.


Includes Transparent PNGs and PSDs so you can easily apply these onto existing body textures or edit how you like!

Does not include a Multi since I wanted the texture to match with the stripes on vanilla faces, but in the PSD I do have a mask set up so you should be able to make one if you need it!

Requires Manual Install! Scroll down to learn how to install via your preferred method!

To install:


Body > Your desired Race & Gender

Install The Gen2 version onto Mat A, then scroll over to where your Bibo+ texture is and install the Bibo+ version there.

This requires a manual installation due to the customization of the work!


In Penumbra

Please follow this guide!!

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