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REQUIRES BIBO+ & ATRAMENTUM LUMINIS FOR FULL EFFECT You may get Bibo+ here and Atramentum Luminis here.


  • To have it show on vanilla/Gen2 bodies: Please use Atramentum Luminis and check the option to show Bibo textures on females!
  • Because of the glow is mapped to the alpha you MUST save any edits with that in mind! I would recommend saving as a DDS.
  • Includes a Diffuse version that is Ribs only, as well as a version that is the ribs with scarred arms. Includes a normal for the scarred version.
  • Includes multis for darker skintones


    Includes PSDs so you can easily apply these onto existing body textures or edit how you like!

    Requires Manual Install! Click here to find out more info on how to install.

     Thank you to Illy and Tsar for the Bibo+ textures & body.

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