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 Thank you to Lex, Freya, Lilith, River, and Gwynne for tests & previews! Thank you again to Trixi for all the advice and support!

This long wavy hair is for all female tall races, Goes on 162 for Hyur (Mid and High), Au Ra, Miqo (Earless and Vanilla), Elezen, Roe, and Viera. They can be changed upon import!


  • It's completely custom hair! So custom mesh, texture etc. It's also my second go at it so ye
  • Has Highlights, but feel free to make your own!
  • Not hat compatible ):
  • On Au Ra and Elezen there's gonna be clipping due to the fact the hair was designed around viera. I couldn't make them not clip without making the shape wonky. ):
  • In general there is always going to be clipping and warping in extreme poses.
  • Uses EX bones so Viera is going to be a smidge stiffer as a result in the back, but I was able to weight the bangs so you can pose each side individually!
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