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 Thank you to Illy and Tsar for the Bibo+ textures & body. Thank you to Lilith for the testing/previews! 

REQUIRES BIBO+ You may get it here 

ALSO REQUIRES NECKLESS AU RA FACES I would highly recommend using a kit like this one here if you don't use a sculpt or makeup that excludes neck scales. 


  • For Au Ra & Midlander bodies! Compatible with Raen.
  • Comes in 4 colorways: Raen Vanilla & Xaela Vanilla (with a twist), Black, and White.
  • Comes with Normals to have the swirls pop and Multi for darker tones. 
  • Comes with 4 options for blush: Red/Pink, Purple, Blue, and No blush.
  • Comes with a Gen 2/Vanilla variant with a blush made specifically for Gen 2.


    Includes Transparent PNGs and PSDs so you can easily apply these onto existing body textures or edit how you like!

    Requires Manual Install! Scroll down to learn how to install via your preferred method!

    To install:

    In TT

    Body > Your desired Race & Gender

    Install The Gen2 version onto Mat A, then scroll over to where your Bibo+ texture is and install the Bibo+ version there.

    This requires a manual installation due to the customization of the work!


    In Penumbra

    Please follow this guide!!

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