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Crys's Corner



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 Thank you to SN for the base mesh! Thanks to Gwynne and Freya for testing and previews and Trixi for helping me get it compiled on time alongside previews!

This long straight elegant hair is on all Female Talls (Midlander, Highlander, Miqo'te, Au Ra, Roes, Elezen, & Viera)! Goes on 145 for Hyur, Miqo, Au Ra, Roe, & Elezen; and 7 on Viera. Can be changed upon import into TT!


  • No Highlights, but the Alpha is blank so that you can make your own!
  • We got EX bones for extra SWOOSH. Fem Viera have different EX bones so it's stiffer in comparison.
  • Has Hat compatibility!
  • Includes my brand new hand-painted alpha to allow for more hair like appearance. You will need to turn down your DoF settings for best results
  • Elezen ears do clip into it! Sorry in advance!
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