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A custom made two top & pant combo. Made using Marvelous Designer, 3DS Max, Substance Painter, and Photoshop.

Public: July 2024

☆ ─── Special Thanks

  •  Want to give a special shoutout to those who support me! Thank you! ♥
  • Also a special shout out to Aleks for the YAB body and Elegy for help with the Velvet. You both rock!

☆ ─── Requires
  •  This mod requires Bibo+ 2.0+ as it uses the _bibo skin slot. Please make sure to have the _bibo skin slot!

☆ ─── Replaces

  • This replaces the Gemking Coat & Slops

☆ ─── Notes

  • Uses YAB 3.0
  • Top comes in 8 different model sizes. Choose between Medium and "Vegan" with Rue, Buff, and Rue Buff options
  • The top comes with a choice between two different texture options for the Jacket: Velvet or Silk
  • Also, the top comes with three metal options (Gold, White Gold, and Silver) as well as two dye options
  • Bottoms come in 15 different model sizes. Choose between Watermelon Crushers or Skull Crushers, Small butt, Rue options, and Vanilla which is a slimmer hip for those looking for something more Lithe-like!
  •  Bottoms also come with three metal options as well as two dye options!
  • Boot compatible but it's not going to be perfect, please keep that in mind! Thank you!
  • There are also Metadata drop down toggles for both, but you can also go in and adjust for maximum customization options.
  • As always I tried my best with weights, extreme C+ scaling or posing could potentially end up with clipping. I can only do so much lol

☆ ─── Metadata Toggles

A - Front Flap
B - Sleeves
C - Shirt
D - Limbs (If using sleeves turn off, if not turn this on)

A - Belt

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