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A custom made long sleeve dress with a deep V. Made using Marvelous Designer, 3DS Max, Substance Painter, and Photoshop.

Public: December 2023


  • USES BIBO+ FRAMEWORK. You may get it here
  • Replaces the Idealized/Weathered Soothsayer's Chiton for all Tall Females
  • Comes in Vegan, YAB Medium Buff, and Lithe Almond in Small.
  • Has 8 texture options: Velvet, Velvet Trim only, Silk, Silk Trim only, Floral Pattern, Flourish Pattern, Swirl Pattern, & Art Deco Pattern.
  • Comes in 3 colorsets: Gold, Silver, & White Gold.
  • As always I tried my best to minimize clipping & warping especially with scaling, but do keep in mind that it may still do so in extreme posing. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you to Tsar & Illy for Bibo+, Bizu for Vegan, Aleks for Yet Another Body, and Lye for Lithe+! Also special thanks to Prayer and Kthonia for guidance on learning MD, and to my Zultanite tier & testers for testing and preview pics!

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